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Plant Health Care Program

Landscapes can be made up of a variety of large and small ornamental and shade trees, shrubs, flowering plants, and turf grasses. The goal of our companys’s Plant Health Care (PHC) program is to sustain and improve the health of all of the plants that make up your landscape. The cornerstone of our PHC Program is Monitoring.

What is monitoring? Monitoring involves careful examination of trees and shrubs coupled with knowledge of local pest and disease populations and behavior.

You may be thinking to yourself, "I can look at my trees and shrubs and tell if there is a problem, so why pay for monitoring?"

There is more to monitoring than just looking at trees and shrubs and realizing there is a problem. A monitoring visit is like a physical examination for your plant. A person may go for a physical exam feeling and looking fine and the doctor discovers they have high blood pressure and is able to treat them and prevent a heart attack. Monitoring is similar in that our technicians are often able to identify pests, diseases, or other stresses long before visible signs such as severe feeding damage or dieback occur.

In addition to being able to detect things such as insect eggs or the beginning stages of a fungal disease that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye, having our technicians routinely visit your property allows for the opportunity to observe any changes to overall plant health during the growing season. For example, we can chart a particular trees reaction to environmental stresses such as drought and recommend treatments like fertilizing or mulching and improve tree health before it becomes weak and susceptible to infestation by insects and disease.  

This early detection often allows us to mitigate the problem before any significant damage is done to the tree or shrub

Participation in our monitoring program typically includes the following:

  • Routine examination of tree and shrub health throughout the growing season
  • Early detection of potential pest and disease problems.
  • Early detection of hazard tree situations to protect people and property.
  • A summary of observations and management recommendations following each monitoring visit.

Note: Each landscape represents different and unique circumstances, therefore each monitoring program is tailor made to meet the specific needs of the landscape and the goals of the homeowner.

Additional Plant Health Care Services

TREE FERTILIZATION: Often trees and shrubs in the landscape are growing in less than perfect soil, fertilizing is an easy way to add those essential nutrients that the plant is missing. Our company utilizes a deep soil injection method of fertilizing along with a mixture of fertilizer and organic nutrients aimed at conditioning the soil and improving plant health.

PESTICIDE APPLICATIONS: Sometimes when pest populations are high enough to threaten the health of a tree, shrub, or lawn, it is necessary to apply pesticides. Our company employs Certified Pesticide Applicators who are specifically trained to handle and apply pesticides with the least impact on the environment and people.

ROOT ZONE AERATION: Roots are the trees lifeline, they act to anchor the tree and transport vital nutrients. Often the roots injury occurs from compaction of the surrounding soil. Aerating the root zone is a process of loosening the compacted soil thus improving root health. Amendments to encourage root growth or help the roots recover from injury may also be applied.

SOIL AND PLANT TISSUE SAMPLING: Diagnosis of certain diseases, insect attacks, and nutrient deficiencies sometimes require the submission of a sample to a laboratory. Our technicians are trained to properly collect and submit samples. Once the samples are analyzed we can make recommendations to mitigate the situation.

LAWN CARE: The grasses that make up a lawn are susceptible to a number of environmental stresses, diseases, and insect attack. Olympic Tree & Land Management, Inc. offers a wide range of services such as fertilization, aeration, irrigation management, and weeds & grub control aimed at sustaining and improving the health of your lawn.

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