Jesse gathering data.

Jesse gathering data.

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Inventories & Management Plans

Whether your property is vast, or vastly important to you, Olympic Tree & Land Management, Inc. provides an inventory service which can be tailored to your needs. We assess the overall health of your trees and establish a baseline for future health comparisons. From the data compiled in such an inventory, information about the age and distribution of your trees can be ascertained.

In addition, we will prepare a complete report indicating each tree’s location on the property, its species, caliper, and wellness. Upon this foundation we are able to build a comprehensive Plant Health Care Plan. Our staff will make specific recommendations such as a fertilization regimen and pruning schedule for each of your valued trees. This service can also be personalized to include only certain sections of your property, such as an orchard or grove. Please inquire about ways in which we can customize an inventory plan to your needs.

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