Protecting specimen trees during construction.

Protecting specimen trees during construction.

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Tree Preservation

HAZARDOUS TREE EVALUATION/TREE HEALTH DIAGNOSIS: There are obvious signs that a tree is not doing well. Broken branches, large cankers, and severe pest infestations are mostly recognizable by the naked eye. Olympic Tree & Land Management, Inc. responds to phone calls from concerned clients when this occurs. There are less obvious signs and symptoms of ailing trees, however. Our certified arborists are adept at recognizing and diagnosing problems before they are irreversible. Using methods such as wood cell resistance testing, soil analysis, and leaf tissue analysis, we are able to gauge the amount of healthy tissue inside a tree and the overall vigor of the tree. Our training and experience enable us to quickly and accurately assess tree health. 

CABLING AND BRACING SYSTEMS: Cabling and bracing systems can reduce the chance of a failure in a healthy tree with structural weaknesses. It can prolong the life and existence of a damaged tree and can mitigate the hazard potential of a tree. The system that we will use is customized to your trees exact needs. Our company follows ANSI A300 standards.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND TREE PRESERVATION: Damage to existing trees during construction is unfortunately a common problem. Since 1990, we have been working with landowners and contractors to minimize damage and reduce tree loss. Olympic Tree & Land Management, Inc. can develop a comprehensive plan at any point during construction to alleviate the stresses that construction can induce on trees. These stresses may include soil compaction and root suffocation due to grade changes, destruction of roots during trenching and trunk scarring, or other impact related damage to trees.

Our company can help to identify the potential problems before they arise and put measures into effect that prevent catastrophic losses. Regardless of the size or budget of your project, tree loss is preventable. In fact, it is generally less expensive to protect the existing trees rather than replant due to losses. We have guided property owners through complete expansions over several acres with little or no unintended tree loss. Please inquire about a personalized plan for your property.

LIGHTNING PROTECTION: We can protect vulnerable trees on your property for future generations to enjoy. With lightning, electricity seeks the path of least resistance and trees provide the moisture (sap and water) that make them better conductors of electricity than the air. If a tree is struck by lightning there is a high likelihood that it will be damaged beyond recovery, requiring its removal. There are methods which can prevent the electricity in a lightning strike from destroying the trees on your property. Our company can install a lightning protection system that disperses the electricity from a lightning strike away from the tree and into the ground, shielding both the tree itself and its precious root system. This practice is especially important for the largest, and generally the oldest, trees on your property. It may have taken several generations for these trees to reach their current size.

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