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Installation Policy for Trees and Shrubs

MISSION STATEMENT It is our priority at Olympic Tree & Land Management, Inc. to provide our clients with the highest quality plant materials available. We install these plants using the current industry standards to maximize each plants potential for its site. We prefer to work with native species of the Adirondacks whenever possible. In addition, there are several non-native species that are hardy for the region and perform useful functions in residential and commercial landscapes. We will not introduce invasive or non-native species to sensitive areas of the Adirondacks. Several cultivars have been established that are resistant to common insect and disease problems, these will be used whenever applicable.

SELECTION Selection varies upon the size of the plant, the species and the availability. We currently purchase from five nurseries throughout New York and Vermont to assure the highest quality, best selection and lowest possible pricing. We are also proud to announce that we now have a tree spade for removal and/or transplanting of your smaller trees and shrubs.

PRICING A deposit for all materials is due prior to placing and/or reserving your order. Upon completion of the planting an invoice will be sent to you stating our costs of materials, delivery, equipment and labor. Large equipment rentals, if needed, would be billed accordingly.

GUARANTEE While we take every precaution to ensure your plants success, there are instances when a plant must be replaced. In cases of lack of water, improper after-care, vehicle damage, physical damage and/or manipulation - of the site after planting', we-are not responsible for loss or damage. In cases where the plant was installed in poor health, installed improperly and/or dies from unknown causes we will replace the plant free of charge (for a period of twelve months after installation). Other conditions may apply in unique situations.

MAINTENANCE CONTRACT At an additional cost we offer follow up care maintenance for your new plants. This care helps the plants after installation with regularly scheduled site visits, minor maintenance practices, complementary estimates and free consultations.

SEASONS While spring is often the best time to plant in the Adirondacks installation can be performed throughout the growing season as long as adequate after care is given. Since we keep limited plant material on hand it is best to order your plants early.

We encourage you to celebrate Arbor Day!

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